The final policy now includes a specific reference to the suspects as a physician.

This is a clear extension of the factors that have been established in the meantime policy. The interim policy referred only to a suspect than a paid carer in a nursing home as a factor in favor of prosecution. Moreover, the fact that a suspect victim assistance during their normal work , which appeared in the interim policy as a factor against prosecution final policy final policy. – Dr Nick Clements, Head of Medical Services at MPS, said: ‘We welcome the clarification of factors to be taken into account by the when deciding to decide whether assisted suicide in cases of alleged criminal Politics wants.

We advise physicians who even suspected the least that their patients may not be planning an assisted suicide with extreme caution and do not have to proceed comply with requests for medical or travel reports in these cases support their patients in in this manner. Doctors can detect the symptoms and relationship with the relationship with the patients and their families, but unfortunately this is a risk that doctors have to run themselves themselves. We also urgently doctors confronted with such cases, seek urgent legal advice from MPS or their medical defense organization., It is not is fully penetrant genetic predisposition is there. Is there.

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