CuraGen Announces Preliminary data from ongoing Phase II clinical trial get the description.

CuraGen Announces Preliminary data from ongoing Phase II clinical trial, the clinical activity of CR011 – vcMMAE in patients with metastatic melanoma’The goal of CR011 – vcMMAE, a protein that is believed to be over expressed in a variety of tumors and is also in some normal tissues, including the skin get the description . Preliminary data recommend recommend a correlation between the development of rash and clinical efficacy is very interesting, and we will continue to their possible role in the support of those patients on can can identify and respond to treatment with CR011 – vcMMAE review, ‘commented Dr. Ronit Simantov, Chief Medical Officer at CuraGen. ‘We want our investigators for their enthusiasm, which we believe will thank marked by their ability to fully enroll this Phase II trial in just 6 months, and we look forward to reporting the final data from the Phase II study in the first half of 2009 ‘.

Sarah Kendig and Suzanne Bianchi of the University of Maryland used data from the American Time Use Survey to examine the relationship between family structure and maternal time to study with children under 4,309 married mothers and 1,821 single mothers with children under age 13.

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It profile U.S. Global AIDS CoordinatorThis information was brought of with permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. She can enjoy the full Kaiser Daily Globalhealth Policy Report search in archives and log on for email supply at global health. ‘Dr. Eric Goosby did not waste time beginning his new job as U.S. Global AIDS ordinator He flying of the Bay Area in Geneva hours after confirmation of by the Senate and became officially sworn as the it landed the ambassador approaching it started. Of the urgency the urgency of a doctor who ‘s spent more than 25 years in the battle against the disease, ‘the the San Francisco Chronicle. Said, ‘We have 33 and 34 million people are been infected with HIV global scale, and 23 million of them in Africa south of which Sahara,’Goosby. On of African the newspaper writes, ‘Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukrainian, China and Southeast seen rapid increase in the AIDS patient in the group drug addicts and men who have sex with men, told Goosby. Battle against AIDS fight against AIDS sustainable, said he, games United States must encourage poor nations at in addressing their in managing their the treatment program and finally increasing on their financial support for these programs ‘.

Paulsson et al thus characterized PDGFR expression in stromal various tumors, including lymphomas and colon, ovary, prostate, lung and breast. Found it hypervariable PDGF expression of in solid tumors, including colon and prostate tumors of expression of the highest layers of a type of stromal cells PDGF, for breast cancer stroma PDGF? R correlating correlated at menopausal breast cancer patients with a negative forecast. These data underscore the importance of testing as well as malignancy stromal tumor cell is expressing of PDGF receptors in the disease prognosis.