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He stated: ‘Doctors are actually realising the function of the bladder lining as the reason for problems related to frequent or painful passage of urine. By injecting the individual's bladder lining with botulinum toxin, we are able to block the launch of nerve transmitter chemicals and sensory nerves, meaning that the individual doesn't wish to go frequently to the toilet simply because. In addition, it means we don't need to rely on intensive medication therapy, or invasive medical procedures.BOS may be the leading reason behind mortality following the first 12 months following transplantation, and occurs partly once the body rejects the transplanted lung tissue repeatedly. The syndrome causes the airways to be narrow and obstructed, producing a progressive decline in lung function and, ultimately, respiratory failure. The precise full factors behind the syndrome are unidentified. The analysis will be shown at the ATS 2012 International Conference in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. The experts evaluated the potential great things about azithromycin, a kind of antibiotic referred to as a macrolide, which functions by inhibiting the power of infection-causing bacterias to divide and replicate. In open research, we among others have noted a noticable difference in lung function in BOS individuals treated with macrolide antibiotics, said study lead writer Paul Corris, professor of thoracic medication at Newcastle University.