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Hassan Ibrahim, MD and his co-workers attempt to test the technique in transplant recipients. To your knowledge this is the 1st randomized placebo-managed trial of angiotensin II blockade in these sufferers, stated Dr. Ibrahim. The investigators designated 153 kidney transplant recipients to get the angiotensin II receptor blocker losartan or placebo within three months of transplantation, continuing treatment for five years. Contrary to what has been seen in native kidney disease, angiotensin II blockade did not demonstrate a statistically significant advantage in lessening fibrosis or terminal kidney failure from severe fibrosis.Steven G. Potkin, M.D., University of California, Irvine, aims to accomplish a more integrated knowledge of schizophrenia by merging currently collected data from mind imaging, cognitive and scientific exam and DNA sequencing with gene expression data from 180 schizophrenia individuals and 180 healthy settings. Furthermore, he and his co-workers shall investigate the function of the miR-137 locus, or gene site, and its own genetic variant, which can be believed to be included in schizophrenia, to be able to determine miR-137's functional part in the disorder. Jeffrey Wallace Swanson, Ph.D., Duke University, has simply because his goal to supply concrete info to spur public plan reform in regards to to gun violence among the mentally ill. His team will gather data on firearms damage and mortality, including firearms-related violence and suicide, among 23,000 adults with schizophrenia, bipolar depression or disorder, who received solutions in Florida's healthcare system between 2002 and 2012.