You should schedule an exam if you are not menstruating.

Colposcopy Preparation Preparation for a colposcopy is similar to finding your way through any gynecological examination. You should schedule an exam if you are not menstruating.Avoid douching, sexual intercourse, vaginal medications, and tampons every day and night before the exam.If you are not allergic to acetaminophen , your doctor may recommend taking some for pain 1 hour before the procedure. Aspirin or ibuprofen can be utilized, but may increase bleeding from the procedure because of these drugs` anti-platelet impact.To avoid more problems, there exists a new five-year plan from the united states that grows half the world’s vegetables. They anticipate raising inspections of exports, creating a faster recall system for poor products and blacklisting companies caught violating the new rules, reports Petersen. Han said most of the offending producers were small, unlicensed meals plants with fewer than 10 employees, and all had been shut down.