CARO and Elekta award $75 doctor.

CARO and Elekta award $75,000 fellowship for lung cancer research The Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology , along with international medical-technology group Elekta, are very happy to award the 2009 2009 CARO-Elekta Research Fellowship to Radiation Oncologist, Dr doctor . David Palma. The $75,000 fellowship, supplied by Elekta, will enable Dr. Palma to conduct analysis with the Uro-Oncology Unit at the VU Medical Centre, Amsterdam Radiation Oncology with Dr. Suresh Senan. His analysis shall revolve around Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer. ‘In creating this fellowship, CARO and Elekta have provided an outstanding opportunity for brand-new radiation oncology graduates who want to pursue further research training.’, stated David, ‘This fellowship will allow me to get research knowledge from two different organizations overseas.

The Wall Street Journal: ‘The latest health-overhaul costs from the Senate will cost $829 billion over a decade and provide insurance coverage to 91 percent of U.S. Residents, according to an analysis released Wednesday by the Congressional Budget Office. But the estimate of how far it will expand insurance coverage is leaner than what Financing Committee Chairman Max Baucus had targeted.’ The price of the measure can be offset by ‘slicing hundreds of billions from government health programs such as Medicare and by imposing a 40 % excise tax on high-cost insurance policies starting in 2013.’ Finance panel members have been anxiously awaiting the CBO’s assessment because they prepare for a final vote .