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Individuals in the conference will share their encounters and lessons learned from this program since its implementation in 2007 . Puerto Rico Checks Syringe Vending Machine ‘A needle exchange plan in Puerto Rico is definitely examining a vending machine that provides medication users with clean syringes after-hours to battle the spread of HIV and hepatitis C,’ the Associated Press/Washington Post reports. The U.S. Island territory’s only needle-exchange plan will place an individual machine outside its office, where drug users can gain access to ‘syringes, cookers, cotton filter systems, gauze and sterile drinking water to prepare medicines for injection by inserting a particular card,’ the news headlines service writes . U.N. Calls For Improved Medical center Preparedness For Natural Disasters In honor of the International Day time for Disaster Reductions Wednesday, U.N.By the closing bell at Friday’s session, $158 billion in Apple valuation simply vanished. As the paper further reported: The fate of Apple is more than a story of single share. Apple may be the the [sic] share that captures if not really personifies this bull market. It’s a high holding by individual investors – a lot of whom are brand-new on the market. Its shares have benefited from the cellular data boom, which fueled a lot of the bull market. And Apple’s enormous profit margins and surging record cash pile certainly are a testimony of the company’s ability to command premium pricing because of its items – and customers’ willingness to pay up.