BIDMC informatrician receives Morris F.

He helped to build up and deploy the included clinical computing and digital wellness record systems at BIDMC and Brigham & Women's Medical center, two Harvard Medical College teaching hospitals. Safran created Baby CareLink also, a telemedicine system that incorporates videoconferencing and on the web technologies to improve communications between family members with premature infants, medical personnel and community suppliers. He in addition has designed scientific decision support systems to greatly help clinicians implement care recommendations, select diagnostic approaches for patients with tumor, and treat individuals with HIV/AIDS.IS THERE Healthy Fast-Food Options? I would like to eat healthy but my family’s always pretty quickly, so we stop at fast-food places a lot. What are some healthier options from places like McDonald’s? – Caitlin* Fast-food places could be confusing health-smart. You’d think chicken would be a better choice than beef — but at McDonald’s, the chicken sandwich has more fat and calories when compared to a regular hamburger! Luckily, most fast-food places post nutrition facts on the websites so you can see what’s in their food prior to going. Search for foods that are lower in fat, calories, sugars, and sodium — and saturated in fiber, vitamin supplements, calcium, and iron.