Applebees nutrition information could it be healthy to eat there?

Soups and SaladsAt most restaurants, soups and salads are relatively secure bets for healthful eating. Although Applebee’s website lists 7 soup choices with a reasonable calorie range of 110-360 per portion, the sodium contents for the soups range from 860-1,400mg. The restaurant provides an impressive selection of salads, available in half portions, with or without dressing. The lowest sodium content is in their house salad, of them costing only 380mg. A lot of their salads, even without dressing, are listed as made up of 500mg of sodium or even more. A sodium is had by Some salads articles of over 3,000mg. Children’s MealsThe products on Applebee’s Kid’s Menu show an identical nutritional profile to the rest of the chain’s offerings.Investigators say the work, released Feb. 19 in the journal Technology Translational Medicine, provides solid proof that ctDNA could be utilized as a ‘customized biomarker’ test and cancer screening device. ‘We're already very good at treating and curing cancer when it is localized,’ says lead study author Chetan Bettegowda, M.D., Ph.D., an associate professor of oncology and neurological operation. ‘But we wanted to develop a noninvasive technology to improve detection of malignancy at an early stage, and we feel this is an exciting starting place for further work like this.’ ‘The most promising aspect can be that ctDNA can determine early-stage cancers,’ adds among the research's senior authors, Luis Diaz, M.D., associate professor of oncology and director of the Swim Across America Laboratory at Johns Hopkins.