Sources Plataforma Plataforma SINC, AlphaGalileo Foundation.When the British reaching Breaking Point?The economic burden of osteoporosis is expected as the population is aging with the costs of osteoporotic hip fractures to the NHS an estimated two billion year.7 The FLS approach has increase as effective in reducing fracture rates and? Treatment costs, supported by specially trained nurses to identify women at increased risk of fractures and compliance therapy.7 According to the Department of Health, the adoption of the FLS model in England could help than than? 8 million over a period of five years. 8 However, showed a recent audit that only 29 percent of NHS Acute Trusts is a fracture liaison office nurse had place.9 final with the public consultation on the first NHS Outcomes Framework today, 10 the inclusion of hip fracture prevention measures in the framework program could help eliminate health disparities by promoting a nationwide rollout FLS..

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Director of the National Oral Health Unit based at the University, which among us is the research in primary dental care.. It is annual to Professor Blinkhorn at the IADR scientific meeting in Australia due in June.Professor Anthony Blinkhorn OBE, FIHPEProfessor Blinkhorn qualified in 1970 and was an associate in a general dental practice in London in 1971, he was a scholarship for public health and health education in Manchester Medical School awarded to study and then undertook a PhD in behavioral Sciences in the School of Dentistry at the Victoria University of Manchester.

And Keith Milsom, Directors of the Oral Health Unit, and all my colleagues in Manchester, and my wife and another dentist Fiona, a constant source of inspiration and advice. Research in primary care is a difficult and daunting task and team work is the only way to achieve results. Our work is directly in the formation of the National Oral Health Unit within the National Primary Care R & D Centre of the University , which led a real difference to the development of effective dental procedures and services in this country. ‘.. D which actually recognizes the achievements of everyone I had the good fortune over over the last ten years in particular, I would point to thank Martin Tickle. Continue reading